CGI of Greater S. Petersburg counselor application form.

Camp dates for the 2017 season are June 19- July 14. We hire staff who are able to work for all 4 weeks of camp.

We are looking for 3 counselors and 1 head counselor.

Please keep in mind that we receive more applications than positions available. Each application will be reviewed and considered. We will be choosing our staff based on their qualifications and suitability for CGI of S. Petersburg.

By answering the questions on this form, you will assist in our decision making. We encourage you to respond honestly and to answer all of the questions on this form. Please call Chaya Korf for any assistance needed in filling out this form. 727.344.4900.

Middle Last  
City State
Date of Birth
Contact Info
Previous Camp Experience 1 Camp:
Year: Position:
Phone Number: Email:  
    Head Counselor:
Phone Number: Email:  
  2 Camp:
Year: Position:
Phone Number: Email:
    Head Counselor:
Phone Number: Email:
Emergency Contact Info
Phone Relationship  
1. Please tell us something about yourself that sets you apart and makes you most fit for this job.
2. What do you foresee yourself enjoying most this summer?
3. What is your favorite method of relaxing?
6. Please share one or two things your Head Staff can do to support your success, and one or two things they can do to upset you.
4. The CGI experience is based on a trust relationship. Please share one or two things that you can do to build a trusting relationship with your Head Staff, and one or two things you can do to remove the trust.
5. Are you solution oriented? Please explain.
Camp Program Skills:
Put a (T) before those activities you can teach. Put an (A) before those activities
in which you have some experience and could assist. Fill in the blanks with hobbies or skills that could be beneficial to the program.
Baseball Basketball Volleyball Soccer
Hiking Hockey Football Frisbee
Tennis Gaga Machanayim Swimming
Jump Roping Gymnastics Dance Hula-Hooping
Nature Baking Arts & Crafts Woodworking
Animation Creative Play Music Free art
Juggling Dance Jewelry Choir
Storytelling Comedy Sign Language
Camp Support Skills:
Put an (X) before those items in which you have experience and skill. Put a (C) before those items in which you hold certification that will be current through August 2015.
Lifeguard WSI CPR First Aid

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Camp Gan Israel of S. Petersburg 2017 summer experience. We appreciate the time you took to fill out this form. We will review your application and contact you shortly.

With blessings for lots of success,
Rabbi Alter & Chaya Korf