Hi Chaya,

As always, thank you for all that you do. My girls always love Camp Gan Izzy. It feels like home to them....
Amy Piper

“I never expected that my sons would love Camp Gan Israel as much as they did this past summer. This is unlike any other camp they have ever been to. They were so excited about the cool counselors and how caring they were, and they made such great friends. They were so
sad when camp was over…”
Merav David, Belleair Beach, FL

"You asked how the counselors at CGI were this year? Asher is on the phone with Libby who just called to wish him a happy birthday...How beautiful, kind and caring of her! I am deeply touched by her sweetness and the continued attention she shows Asher".

Abby Cicco, S. Petersburg FL


Shalom Rabbi and Chaya, Daniela had a really amazing time at Gan Israel over the summer and our family wanted to express our appreciation. Her positive experience is the direct result of all of the hard work and care that you put into the program: The counselors are warm, caring and enthusiastic. The activities are creative and engaging, which allowed Daniela to try new things and most of all have fun! Even though camp has been out for a while now, Daniela still sings the camp songs with gusto. Her counselor from the summer, the lovely Sara le, has sent her holiday greetings and well wishes, which Daniela loves! The safe, fun and loving environment of Gan Israel exceeded our expectations in every way and you can be assured Daniela will be a camper for summers to come. I wish I could be a camper too…
Yali Maisel, S. Petersburg , FL

Hi Rabbi and Chaya I want to let you know that my kids LOVE the time the spent at Camp Gan Israel. I am so happy. You are doing a wonderful job running the camp, I really appreciate the interest you are taking in my kids, they feel very special. They love the counselors, According to David, They are the BEST. David said that he'll be sad when camp is over. I think I will too. Again, thanks a lot,
Shevy Silverberg, S. Petersburg

"Thank you so very much for being so good to my children. Jacob and Ilyssa had an amazing time with you and the incredible counselors at Camp Gan Israel. I also want to thank you for helping me out with after care- your caring and warmth has meant the world to us. With Love,
Debi Forman

“Dear Rabbi and Chaya, "...The kids loved everything about camp. They looked forward to it every day and they were never ready to leave when I came to pick them up..."
Leah Bischoff, S. Petersburg

My favorite part of CGI is the feeling of family, safety, and unconditional acceptance.
Tertia Kunins

There is such a special feeling of warmth, camaraderie and closeness that not only Daniela and Zachary, but all the Maisels enjoy during their time in camp….
The Maisel family

Carly and Max had a great summer at Gan Izzy! We will be singing camp songs all year! Our children, The camp provides a warm, friendly and stimulating environment for my children. Each day they came home filled with enthusiasm for the daily activities and staff. Their camping experience provided the children with loads of fun, mixed with just the right amount of Judaism. My children have maintained friendships with many of the campers with whom they shared their summer experiences, and even though both kids now attend summer sleep-away camp at Camp Ramah Darom, Camp Gan Israel,and especially Rebetzen Haya Korf still holds a special place in their hearts.
Stephen and Vicki Baker

My daughter Shovalle loved Camp Gan Israel. Chaya, you have the best staff in the world! Activities are safe and fun. My daughter was happy and safe all day long. This is what every mother wishes for.

We are so thankful that you and Chaya are always there for us and our kids. Camp Gan Izzy is the highlight of the Summer.

CGI is by far the best summer camp that my daughter has ever participated in.  There's so much to do! Between the field trips (ice skating, the zoo, the beach, rock climbing, bounce house, splash pad), and cooking, dancing, singing, and the list goes on and on. In addition, the kids absorb our heritage through fun with learning.  The staff are incredibly caring and responsible...Thank you Chaya and Rabbi Korf!
Kira Weinstein


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