The Camp Gan Israel Parent Survey, Summer 2023

We hope that you and your child(ren) enjoyed their time at Camp Gan Israel this summer.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey. Your feedback is very important to us. 

Thank you for entrusting your child(ren)'s summer experience to Camp Gan Israel.  Together we are making Jewish children happier!

 Parent Survey

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In your opinion, what are the three strongest points of
Camp Gan Israel?  Why


What would you like to see in Camp Gan Israel next year?

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CGI Health & Safety:

In an effort to expand the camp, we are looking for parents to speak at a camp open house or host a camp meeting for friends. Are you able to assist with either?

Please help our camp improve and grow... and think of 2 new families that you can reach out to about attending Camp Gan Israel.


Thank you for your valuable input!